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Grower Gateway - Issue 3 2014

Publication Date: 
27 June 2014

Count down to Summer TechFest

Next week growers, packers and processors will head east for AHDB Potatoes Summer TechFest, 2-3 July, 2014. Read more...

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The future of potato quality

50 years of Storage Research taking place at Sutton Bridge next week will have the latest cutting edge research on show, including new technologies that could revolutionise potato quality. Read more...

Is it practical to store at warmer temperatures?

Visitors to 50 years of storage research at Sutton Bridge next week will hear the latest research on the optimum temperature to store fresh potatoes while balancing eating quality and skin finish. Read more...

Further CIPC exceedance threatens product withdrawal

CIPC remains under continuing intense scrutiny, recently exacerbated by a further maximum residue level (MRL) exceedance in a box store containing crop intended for the fish and chip trade. Read more...

Glyphosate and seed potatoes

Glyphosate is a non-selective weed-killer which is incredibly damaging to seed potatoes. Even at levels which cannot be detected it can cause horrendous problems with germination and emergence in the daughter crop. Often unnoticed until the seed crop has been replanted, contamination causes lengthy and costly commercial disputes. Read more...

Potatoes in Practice grows for growers

With up to 1000 industry visitors expected, Potatoes in Practice (PiP), is sponsored by AHDB Potatoes and supported by Potato Review magazine and is the UK’s largest technical field event for the potato industry. It provides key topical technical content to hundreds of growers and industry movers and shakers and this year it will be held on Thursday 7th August, at the James Hutton Institute’s Balruddery Farm, Invergowrie, near Dundee. Read more...

Practical advice on PCN

Damage caused by Potato Cyst Nematodes (PCN) Globodera rostochiensis and G. pallida can range from slight yield loss up to crop failure depending on the infestation level.  PCN experts at East Midlands will provide the latest practical approach to PCN control during interactive field sessions. Read more...


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