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Grower Gateway - January 2011

Publication Date: 
1 August 2011

AHDB Potatoes sends Grower Gateway via email to those who we feel will benefit (growers, agronomists and technical managers).

AHDB Potatoes to promote Safe Haven at Fruit Logistica
AHDB Potatoes staff will again be promoting the considerable benefits of cultivating seed potatoes from the Safe Haven Certification Scheme at Fruit Logistica. More...


Steps towards optimum yields
To help improve crop uniformity and competitiveness, growers should be looking to achieve optimum planting conditions so they obtain the best possible saleable yields, says AHDB Potatoes head of seed and export Mark Prentice. More...


AHDB Potatoes website – help make it how you want it
Levy-payers are invited to contribute to the development of the AHDB Potatoes website. More...


Genetics in the fight against blight
Blight resistance in potatoes is poised for a breakthrough, thanks to rapid advances in genetic research which could see more progress being made in the next four years than in the past century.  More...


Water polluters to face justice in civil courts
Farmers in England and Wales who wilfully or repeatedly contaminate waterways could face swifter justice and harsher penalties following a recent change in the law.  More...


Ware and seed growers now covered by PCN legislation
All growers should be aware that the PCN Directive that came into effect in July 2010 covers all potatoes for replanting and not just certified seed, says Mark Prentice. 
More ...


Farm Assurance – do you comply?
Red Tractor non-conformances include some central issues around sustainability and assurance and these should be addressed properly to optimise business performance, says AHDB Potatoes head of R&D, Dr Mike Storey.  More ...


Planning for the next season
Market intelligence is an integral part of good business practice and growers will find vital information in the new publication, GB Potatoes: Market Intelligence 2010-11, says AHDB potato senior analyst Jim Davies.. More ...


Meetings, events and publications


PCL Events

February 22: Winter Forum at Sutton Bridge Crop Storage Research. Contact Miya Kotecha on for details or to reserve a place


March 3: Storage Forum at Sutton Bridge Crop Storage Research. Contact Miya Kotecha on details or to reserve a place.


June 8: West Midlands Potato Day at Woodlands farm, Staffordshire.


June 23: South East Potato Day.


July 5: East Midlands Potato Day


September 1: East of England Potato Day


September 13: North of England Potato Day at Colton, York.


November 23-24: BP2011, Harrogate



Other Events

February 9: New paradigms for crop and soil management workshop, London.

February 9 - 11, 2011: Fruit Logistica in Berlin.
September 7, 8, 2011: Potato Europe in Belgium.
August 11, 2011: Potatoes in Practice, Dundee.




Glyphosate advice leaflet and sticker 

Common Scab guide:
Business Improvement guide:
Seed rate guides:

Crop Nutrition for Potatoes
Environmental guidance for potato production
(partnership publication):

Growers’ advice The Water Framework Directive and how it will impact on potato growers. To download a copy go to the Growers Advice area.

Contact publications on your free copies.

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