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Grower Gateway July 2008

Publication Date: 
6 September 2011

AHDB Potatoes sends this communication via email to those who we feel will benefit (growers, agronomists and technical managers).

Make every kilo count
Rising costs were the focus of AHDB Potatoes West Midlands Potato Day near Newport in Shropshire last month.  The event formed part of the Summer of Knowledge campaign – a drive to deliver the latest technical and regulatory information direct to growers through a series of events and initiatives.  More ...


Thirst vs over-indulgence
A three-year AHDB Potatoes-funded study commenced in April to get a better understanding of efficiency of water usage in the potato crop.  UK conditions will be compared with extreme environments, to build a picture of how potatoes could react during climatic change.  More ...


Meter, monitor, manage to cut energy bills
As fuel and electricity costs spiral, the results of AHDB Potatoes research have revealed how monitoring is a crucial first step to taking control of energy use.  Advice and guidance on how to do so will be rolled out this summer.  More ...


Vanquishing the viruses
Monitoring, good hygiene and a control programme that takes aphicide resistance into account are essential for a healthy seed potato crop.  A new aphid academy, in association with Farmers Weekly, has more advice and CPD points are available.  The AHDB Potatoes-funded aphid-monitoring service, run by CSL has essential updated information on aphid flights.


Knowing your disease risk before planting
Understanding seed and soil pathogen levels can benefit sound crop management.  Predictive diagnostics have been used in a recently concluded four-year study, funded by the AHDB Potatoes.  More ...


Farmers urged to join water initiative
Farmers in another ten river catchments are set to benefit as Defra grants £12.9 million for the England Catchment Sensitive Farming Delivery Initiative (ECSFDI) in 2008/09.  The project identifies how growers can improve production, as well as reduce pollution.  More...


Industry’s finest sought for award
AHDB Potatoes is seeking nominations for this year's British Potato Industry Award.  The award is presented to an individual recognised for their outstanding contribution to the British potato industry.  More...


PiP solutions to potato challenges  
Potatoes in Practice, Britain’s most important field gathering for the potato industry in 2008, takes place at Gourdie Farm, by Invergowrie, Dundee on Thursday August 7.  It’s a unique opportunity for farmers, advisers and others to view the latest industry and government-supported research at a single site.  More...


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