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Grower Gateway - July 2011

Publication Date: 
27 July 2011

AHDB Potatoes sends Grower Gateway via email to those who we feel will benefit (growers, agronomists and technical managers).

Potato genome set to help industry address challenges
An international consortium that includes British scientists has sequenced the potato genome, opening possibilities for exploring the characteristics that contribute to a successful commercial variety. More...


To save £ thousands, first you need to measure
Stores that don’t have meters fitted could be frittering away energy costs, warns Adrian Cunnington, head of Sutton Bridge Crop Storage Research (SBCSR). More...


Apply now for abstraction licence extensions
Early action is needed for growers who, if dry conditions persist, will need to irrigate before lifting. Applications for abstraction licence extensions take up to four months to process, so they need to apply now, warns AHDB Potatoes water specialist, Chris Steele. More...


Is your abstraction licence enough?
Richard Penn from the Environment Agency has called on growers to review their licences to make sure they reflect their needs., He recommends growers to examine the possibility of using winter storage to prevent periods when river extraction water may not be available for crop irrigation. More...


Is the variety you grow susceptible to Altenaria?
Dr Reuben Morris, technical support manager for high value crops at Frontier Agriculture advised growers to take into account varietal susceptibility to Alternaria in his East Midlands Potato Day workshop on prevention strategies. More...


Research and development – have your say
What research activities do you think are the most important for the industry as a whole and the business in which you are involved? Your opinions are important to us and when analysed will help you get the best value from our work. To download our survey, which will take just five minutes to complete, please click here.


Introductory store managers’ course
Sutton Bridge Crop Storage Research (SBCSR) is to hold a course for those looking to learn about potato storage. It will focus on the basics of store management. More...


Glyphosate - are your seed potatoes at risk?
Seed growers with crops bordering cereals or oilseed rape should beware the risk of contamination, warns AHDB Potatoes technical executive Sophie Lock. More...


Defoliation – which technique are you using?
The latest thinking on defoliation programmes to help growers manage the most vigorous of crops attracted plenty of interest at the recent AHDB Potatoes East Midlands Potato Day. More...


STORAGE BULLETIN - Getting more from your store
At this time of year, the focus in potato stores should be on preparation for the new season. It's probably already too late to make any major changes but there's no harm in making plans for work to be done in 2012, especially as it is a lot easier to see what needs doing when the store is empty. More...


Meetings, events and publications


PCL Events


August 11: Potatoes in Practice, Dundee. Click here for details on seminars and trials


September 1: East of England Potato Day


September 13: North of England Potato Day at Colton, York.


November 23-24: BP2011, Harrogate



Other Events

September 7, 8, 2011: Potato Europe in Belgium.


May 27-30, 2012: World Potato Congress, Edinburgh




Glyphosate advice leaflet and sticker 

Common Scab guide:
Business Improvement guide:
Seed rate guides:

Crop Nutrition for Potatoes
Environmental guidance for potato production
(partnership publication):

Growers’ advice The Water Framework Directive and how it will impact on potato growers. To download a copy go to the Growers Advice area.

Contact publications on your free copies.

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