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Grower Gateway - March 2011

Publication Date: 
1 August 2011

AHDB Potatoes sends Grower Gateway via email to those who we feel will benefit (growers, agronomists and technical managers).

The AHDB Potatoes at Fruit Logistica
The AHDB Potatoes stand at Fruit Logistica buzzed this year with international seed and ware importers. There were more than 150 industry enquiries, with great interest shown about seed grown under the Safe Haven protocols. More...


Growers to engage with researchers at Sutton Bridge Storage Forum
Potato growers are invited to attend the AHDB Potatoes Sutton Bridge Storage Forum on March 3, where industry experts will present the latest developments in energy management and sprout suppression. More...


Energy-efficient stores can save you £thousands
Store managers with 1,000 tonnes of potatoes for the fresh market could save up to £1,600 a year with energy-efficient stores, says Tim Pratt of Farm Energy. More...


Be on the look-out for skin spot!
It’s at this time of year when skin spot lesions become apparent and if you are storing a susceptible variety, you need to be washing and checking samples – look for the characteristic round ‘pimples’ – from around the store.  More...


Protecting crop from wireworm
Timely and potentially very valuable advice to help growers protect their crops against the ravages of wireworm has been issued by the AHDB Potatoes. 


Improving your seed treatment technique
Seed potato growers who pay attention to their seed treatment technique could improve disease control and save themselves a small fortune in chemicals. 
More ...


Meetings, events and publications


PCL Events

March 3: Storage Forum at Sutton Bridge Crop Storage Research. Contact Miya Kotecha on details or to reserve a place.


June 8: West Midlands Potato Day at Woodlands farm, Staffordshire.


June 23: South East Potato Day.


July 5: East Midlands Potato Day


September 1: East of England Potato Day


September 13: North of England Potato Day at Colton, York.


November 23-24: BP2011, Harrogate



Other Events

September 7, 8, 2011: Potato Europe in Belgium.
August 11, 2011: Potatoes in Practice, Dundee.




Glyphosate advice leaflet and sticker 

Common Scab guide:
Business Improvement guide:
Seed rate guides:

Crop Nutrition for Potatoes
Environmental guidance for potato production
(partnership publication):

Growers’ advice The Water Framework Directive and how it will impact on potato growers. To download a copy go to the Growers Advice area.

Contact publications on your free copies.

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