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Grower Gateway November 2010

Publication Date: 
2 August 2011

AHDB Potatoes sends Grower Gateway via email to those who we feel will benefit (growers, agronomists and technical managers)

Seed Industry Award
Dr John Bradshaw wins potato industry award for research and knowledge transfer. More...


Are you buying Safe Haven Seed?
Safe Haven seed offers ware growers a wide range of potato varieties in addition to protection from diseases such as ring rot and Dickeya, says AHDB Potatoes head of seed and export, Mark Prentice More...


Is your seed treatment technique good enough?
Seed potato growers could avoid losing themselves a small fortune in chemicals and greatly improve disease control by paying more attention to their seed treatment technique. More...


Managing the threat of Dickeya Blackleg
New AHDB Potatoes-funded research assessing the threat to UK seed crops from a new and aggressive blackleg pathogen suggests current prevention policies are working – at least for now.  More...


Seed Industry Event
If we don’t protect our plant health status every potato business in Britain will lose out, said AHDB Potatoes chairman Allan Stevenson at this year’s Seed Industry Event at Crieff Hydro on October 26.  More...


R&D information now has open access
You no longer have to log-in to read R&D publications and projects. Feedback from users has told us it can sometimes be too time consuming to log into the AHDB Potatoes website, and that levy payers prefer to have faster, easier access.

Access to these important articles is open and quick. Simply click on the publication or project you wish to read about.  More ...


CIPC – are you complying with guidelines?
All CIPC users need to make sure they comply with the Best Practice guidelines developed for product Stewardship otherwise this vital sprout suppressant could be withdrawn, warns AHDB Potatoes head of R&D, Dr Mike Storey. See the best practice video on You Tube.  More ...


Are you spending too much on energy?
The least energy-efficient potato stores use up to twice as much energy than the best ones, says Tim Pratt of Farm Energy Consultants (FEC).  More ...


Levy Reminder
A quick reminder that levies received after 1st December are charged at a higher rate. For your convenience and to help avoid any postal issues you can pay levies by BACS. Phone 02476 478606 for details.


Meetings, events and publications


PCL Events
February 2, 2011
: Retail conference 2011 at 1-7 Great George Street, London, SW1P 3AA. For further information or to register email

February 1/2 2011: Winter Forum at Sutton Bridge Crop Storage Research.

February 17/18, 2011: (provisional date): Store managers course at Sutton Bridge and Kings Lynn. Details available from November

March 3 2011: Storage forum at Sutton Bridge Crop Storage Research.


AHDB Events

December 7 2010: HGCA agronomist conference at Staverton Park, Daventry. More…


Other Events

November 30, 2010: ADAS Syngenta Potato Event at Peterborough Showground.



Common Scab guide:

Contact publications on for your free copies.

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