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Grower Gateway October 2008

Publication Date: 
10 September 2011

AHDB Potatoes sends this communication via email to those who we feel will benefit (growers, agronomists and technical managers).

Pesticide case studies help growers take action
The AHDB Potatoes has commissioned ADAS and SAC to produce case studies on the impact of reduced pesticide availability.  Reports on the control of potato cyst nematodes (PCN) and weeds highlight the impact on growers.  More ...


Two-pronged approach targets tuber diseases
A new project is investigating novel ways to apply seed tuber fungicides and diagnostics, aiming to improve control of major skin diseases.  As part of the project, Sutton Bridge Experimental Unit is looking for samples of crops susceptible to skin spot.  More ...


Be vigilant of rot risk advises Sutton Bridge
There are potentially serious problems with rots in potato stores this year, Sutton Bridge Experimental Unit has warned. Close monitoring and good ventilation are vital.  More ...


Eyes Open on sprout control
Timing the first chlorpropham (CIPC) application right is crucial for good control and to minimise residues.  A new potato storage academy, in association with Farmers Weekly, has more advice and CPD points are available.


It’s time to take control of costs
Spiralling energy costs mean you could be spending double what you were last year to keep your crop cool, notes FEC Services’ Andrew Kneeshaw.  There are tips this month to keep equipment working at its best, and he calls for more stores to get involved with the store energy-monitoring project.  More ...


Stewardship guidelines protect aphid control
A four-year LINK project, completed this year, concludes that growers must stick to resistance-management guidelines to ensure continued peach potato aphid control.  Neonicotinoid insecticides continue to provide growers with effective control, say researchers.  More...


Slug control hit by new residue limits
Metaldehyde has been withdrawn for use on potato crops.  Levy-payers are being urged to discuss slug control plans with their agronomist, purchaser and chemical supplier to ensure they conform to new EC regulations that came into action on September 1.  More...


Brush up your storage skills
Sutton Bridge Experimental Unit is holding a store managers’ course on February 4 and 5, 2009. For details and to sign up, call or email Kate Balloch – 01406 359418

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