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Have you previously used CIPC in your stores?

Publication Date: 
22 March 2019

Ahead of a potential change in CIPC availability and the potential consequences on future MRLs (Maximum Residue Levels), AHDB is funding work to determine the ranges of CIPC residue levels on potatoes when stored in buildings where the chemical has been used previously.

For this we are specifically looking for stores in which CIPC use has been discontinued for 1 or 2 years and where other non-CIPC sprout suppressants or no chemicals are now being used.

These stores will include a range of designs and markets (storage temperature). Results will be used to inform regulators, with a view to obtaining a tMRL (temporary MRL) concentration that can be achieved in commercial potato stores and will therefore not impact potato trading.

If you have such a store and are interested in participating, please get in touch with Adrian Briddon at SBCSR on 01406 359412 or via email at

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