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Minimising damage at harvest

Publication Date: 
18 September 2017

Damaged crop costs potato growers £26m a year, and the industry itself over £100m a year. See these helpful videos from AHDB to help ease the risk of damage as we head into the busy time of year where lifting continues and crops are heading into stores.

With large numbers of staff involved and the challenges of weather – harvest and store-filling tends to be one of the most time-pressured operations in potato production. 

This year’s early season gives hope for a good run in to harvest. However, there is the risk that crops could be more challenging to burn down. With this in mind, it is essential that everyone involved in the harvest team is well briefed on crop handling to ensure good quality produce.

Pre-harvest planning and maintenance will have been completed by this stage – but its important ensure that equipment settings are calibrated for the conditions to minimise risk of damage.

Monitoring quality as crop goes into store can save businesses a lot of money: identifying stocks that need additional care in store and marketing stocks at the right time will help you provide the best produce available.

These videos from AHDB will provide an insight best practice during harvest:

You can view the videos by clicking here


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