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Potato Weekly - 05 April 2019

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5 April 2019

Demand for free-buy remains largely quiet, while planting paused amid wet weather across much of the country. Prices remained supported for top quality supplies, while lower grade supplies saw declines.

  • Planting continues to be generally ahead of schedule. Recent wintery conditions have held up planting for some, for a few days, but are not causing concern. Soil conditions are reported to be good in most regions, albeit a touch cold. More settled weather is forecast which should see planting continue at pace.

  • A generally quiet week for the English packing trade. Best quality supplies are proving harder to find and, as a result, are commanding a premium. Plenty of poorer quality supplies were on offer.

  • In Scotland, trade has been steady. Increased availability of poorer quality supplies is putting pressure on prices. M Piper, in particular, has seen prices easing. Demand for exports continues, particularly for processing supplies.

  • Another quiet week in the bag market for most.

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