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Potato Weekly - 09 November 2018

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9 November 2018

This week, the free-buy potato market was largely flat across most sectors, with quality the main determining factor for price. Free-buy trade in the English and Scottish packing market was reportedly steady, as the variation in quality supported the whites market. The upper end of the bag market reportedly cooled a little this week, but remained supported with a large variation in quality leading to a widening of prices.

  • Trade was quieter this week in the English packing market, with prices reported to be remaining flat for most, as purchasers reassess their free-buy demand at the start of a new contract month. Most growers now having finished lifting, and with crops in store, are monitoring price movements.
  • Free-buy trade has continued at a steady, but slow, pace in Scottish packing markets. A combination of mixed varietal buying and cautious selling by growers, plus reports of higher contract sales, have stalled traded free-buy sales.
  • In most regions, bag market trade was reported as steady, although the varied quality is leading to a widening of prices. While the market has been reported to have cooled a little toward the top end, it remains firm for exceptional quality.

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