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Potato Weekly - 11 January 2019

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11 January 2019

Prices have remained steady for best quality supplies with little change on the week. The first full trading week of 2019 has seen a slight pickup in demand from last week as customers seek to replenish stores following the festive period. Despite this, overall trade remains subdued as is common at this point in the season. Looking forward to the new season, early planting in Cornwall continues to make good progress with good ground conditions reported.

  • Trade in the English packing sector was increased this week, with more growers selling following the Christmas period. It was suggested that there was a weaker undertone to the market with some packing price ranges down marginally week-on-week.
  • Trade in the Scottish packing market remained limited this week, with prices on the whole steady. An increasing proportion of Grade 1 packing whites were reported as sold into English markets, which has resulted in prices at the lower end decreasing from previous quotes.
  • The majority of bag market trade took place in the first half of the week as customers restocked following the festive period. Overall demand for chipping supplies remains subdued, as is typical at this point in the season, and this trend is likely to continue until the end of January.

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