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Potato Weekly - 12 April 2019

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12 April 2019

With favourable planting conditions allowing growers to progress, and packers having sufficient cover, free buy-trade has remained largely quiet.

  • On the whole, potato planting is ticking along quite nicely. Most regions have recommenced planting following last week’s wet weather. Conditions are fairly good, although still on the cold side. Whole frosts have been present, they are not posing too much concern yet.
  • An overall quiet continuation on the month was felt for English packing markets. Prices remained firm for top quality supplies that are proving harder to find.
  • Trade has remained very steady for processing and packing markets in Scotland. With more settled weather, planting is well underway for many growers.
  • Trade to the EU has continued to keep many busy, with strong demand for Scottish seed tops.

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