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Potato Weekly - 13 July 2018

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13 July 2018

There were limited 2017 crop free-buy sales reported this week, with an increasing volume of new crop available.
The hot dry weather continued to be unfavourable to crops in the field. Areas able to irrigate are also reported to now be under pressure, with hands off flow conditions in some areas. With a less developed canopy than usual, reduced yields and increasing dry matter content has been reported; this has been especially prevalent in areas unable to irrigate.

  • There was limited trade in the English packing free-buy market this week, with a focus on supplies held in store or contracted stock. Old crop demand remained quiet, with a widespread switch to new crop expected in the coming weeks.

  • The Scottish packing market continues to be over supplied by abundant old crop, although demand remains poor.

  • There was limited free-buy trade in old crop bag material this week as more new crop arrives and dry warm weather covers the UK. The continued warm weather has reportedly subdued demand and old crop prices, leaving the old crop market generally flat. Concerns over the new crop yield are being balanced by increasing volumes of new crop reaching the market.

These quotes are from actual free-buy trades collected by a weekly telephone survey of buyers, growers and merchants on a Wednesday and Thursday. They give an indication of the range of prices achieved in the past week. Any prices marked * are based on a smaller sample.

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