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Potato Weekly - 15 March 2019

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15 March 2019

Storms battered much of Great Britain this week bringing fieldwork to a halt and dampening demand in the bag markets. In the packing markets, Maris Piper prices continue to slip as increased availability weighs on the market.

English packing trade in England was generally steady again. There were reports of increased demand for free-buy baker spec, with the very best, bold samples at a premium. While in demand, the largest tubers are hard to find. This is unsurprising given the growing conditions. There remains plenty of Maris Piper on offer, although the prices ranges remain largely the same on the week.

Scottish packing demand was generally steady on the week. Packing Maris Piper availability has increased and prices have eased slightly as a result.  Export demand remains strong.

Bag trade remained subdued this week, with limited demand reported from most areas. There are reports many chip shops have either lowered portion sizes or raised prices, which may limit demand for the rest of the season.

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