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Potato Weekly - 16 November 2018

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16 November 2018

Fieldwork continues to make progress with many growers now having finished lifting. Reports of storage breakdown as a result of rots have begun to come forward. Prices for best quality supplies have stayed flat in most markets, though ongoing quality issues have meant that trade in some sectors has slowed.

  • Trade in the English packing market was mixed this week. Best, bold samples are still finding a home. However, the increased offers of fairly “ordinary” whites, with little size about them and a limited baker fraction, are struggling somewhat. Prices were largely stable on the week.
  • There was little change in the price structure of Scottish packing potatoes this week, implying a steady trade.
  • A lack of customers through chip shops doors has reportedly resulted in subdued bag market trade throughout the week. As store loading begins to draw to a close in many regions, difficulties in sourcing good quality fry material has continued to lend support to prices. Unsurprisingly secondary growth continues to be an issue, with variable fry colour present in many samples. Concerns from end users around high prices and persistent quality issues have been reported, though currently there appears to be no easy solution to this problem.

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