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Potato Weekly - 19 October 2018

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19 October 2018

Rainfall across Great Britain delayed lifting over the weekend but replenished some much needed soil moisture. Supplies continued to become increasing available in most markets but demand for best quality supplies has support top end prices.

  • Trade in the English packing market was slow this week, with orders slowing and half-term on the horizon. Supplies continue to be available as lifting progresses, with increased King Edward availability this week.
  • Trade in the Scottish packing Market was reportedly a lot busier this week. As lifting has increased, a lack of cold storage and lack of boxes was leading to increased availability. However, demand was not as fervent with the majority of trade remaining under contract.
  • Trade in the bag market remained subdued according to most reports. Prices for top end supplies remained supported, with demand for good quality and low bag counts remaining constant.

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