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Potato Weekly - 22 February 2019

Publication Date: 
22 February 2019

As February continues, demand for the free-buy market continued at muted levels in most sectors. The majority of movement continued to take place under contract. Demand for exports from the continent remained strong this week.

Planting for earlies was reportedly underway across Southern and Eastern England as mild weather continues to keep conditions good for fieldwork.

  • Demand for English packing material was mostly contracted supply with any shortfall met by the free-buy market. As a result demand was mostly unchanged during the week, in keeping with seasonal trends. Prices remained similar to previous weeks, with high quality supplies commanding a steady premium.
  • Demand for free-buy supplies stayed sparse this week in the Scottish packing market, which resulted in prices easing.
  • The bag market trade continued to be mixed this week, with some reports that coastal demand has increased. However, for the most, trade was reported as average for the time of year.

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