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Potato Weekly - 23 November 2018

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23 November 2018

This week’s trade was largely uneventful as colder temperatures arrived. Maintaining the condition of samples with secondary growth is a key watch point for many in the coming months, especially in ambient stores. Traded volume and prices remained mostly unchanged this week, as trade was reported to be mostly contracted in the run-up to Christmas.

  • It has been a quiet week for English packers with continued steady trade. Best quality samples are continuing to command a premium amongst a lot of average looking material. These top quality lines are being sought ahead of an anticipated Christmas pick-up.

  • It was another uneventful week for Scottish packers as trade moved sideways with mixed movement for prices.

  • The recent low movement of supplies continued this week, with slow trade reported and mixed pricing. As lifting is complete for the majority, attention has turned to monitoring produce in store. Overall, while material of exceptional quality continues to command a premium, the wide variation in quality seen this year means a large proportion of the crop will be below this, in what is becoming a widely priced market.

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