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Potato Weekly - 26 April 2019

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26 April 2019

With many reportedly approaching the conclusions of planting schedules, home trade markets were relatively quiet. Export markets were an exception to this, with an apparent pickup in trade.

  • Planting is largely on schedule. Warmer weather over the bank holiday weekend has helped to raise soil temperatures throughout the country. Recent showers and forecasted rain was also welcomed.
  • A quiet week was reported from the English packing market this week. The majority of domestic movement was contracted, with some free-buy reported to fill Easter deficits.
  • Free-buy trade was reported to be ‘busy’ for exports in Scottish packing markets this week. Easter demand was controlled by the majority of contracted supply. A large extent of free-buy movement reported was into England and across into Europe.
  • European demand was reported to have been ‘very busy’ this week. Scottish supplies continue to make up the majority of movement observed.

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