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Potato Weekly - 28 September 2018

Publication Date: 
28 September 2018

Old crop trade has begun to wind down for the packing markets this week and the seasonal downturn continues in the bag market. Burn-down of crops is ongoing, though the rate of skin set continues to be an issue. Widespread reports of secondary growth and scab in samples are still coming forward.

  • Old crop trade is drawing to an end in the English packing market, with the majority finishing up by the end of the week. Demand for free-buy new crop supplies is reported to be steady, though the majority of trade continues to take place under contract. Prices have started to dip slightly as increasing volumes of supply continue to enter the market.
  • Steady trade was reported in the Scottish packing market this week. With trade in old crop supplies dwindling more pack-houses will be switching onto increasing volumes of new crop supplies. The lower end of new crop pricing has dipped slightly, but top end prices for best quality remained steady on the week.
  • This week the majority of prices for best quality in the bag market have remained flat, with little change on the week. The seasonal downturn in demand continues, with the majority of reports placing trade down on the week.

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