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Potato Weekly - 29 June 2018

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29 June 2018

With plentiful old crop supplies still available, many are seeing free-buy prices under pressure. More new crop is coming on to the market, although to a largely limited demand. Contacts suggest that most new crop interest is in chipping supplies, due in the next few weeks. There is a large variation in crop development and rain would be welcomed for most, as the hot, dry conditions continue to cause challenges for some.

  • A generally quiet trade reported in the English packing market, with hot weather blamed for the most part. Some prices are under pressure as available old crop supplies continue to outweigh free-buy demand.
  • Trade was very quiet in the Scottish packing market with any movement reported to be largely repeat orders.
  • Generally the hot weather has limited demand for many in the bag market though increases in tourism has led to uplift in some coastal areas. Sizeable chipping supplies are reportedly available in some regions, putting pressure on prices.

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