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Potato Weekly - 29 March 2019

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29 March 2019

Demand for free-buy continued to decrease as planting resumed across the country. Prices remained supported for top quality supplies, while secondary quality fell lower. Sustained movement of Maris Piper impacted the processing markets.

Drier weather last week resulted in resumed planting, reportedly beginning further north in the country.

  • Movement was dominated by contracted supplies, with free buy continuing to be reportedly ‘quiet’. Prices quoted for top quality supplies remained firm and made up the majority of trade captured in the sample this week. Meanwhile, movement of Scottish supplies into England continued to weigh on the English packing market.
  • The majority of movement in the Scottish packing market remained under contract this week, with local demand remaining limited. Movement of attractively priced free-buy supplies down into England continued pressuring prices.
  • Trade in the bag market remained subdued for most this week, with limited demand from chip shops reported. With holidays and warmer weather approaching, there is some hope that trade will pick up in the coming weeks.

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