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Potato Weekly - 30 November 2018

Publication Date: 
3 December 2018

As the milder weather returned, markets were largely stable on the week. Trade was quiet, with most anticipating a lift in movement as we near Christmas.

  • The English packing trade was described as steady so far this week, with most expecting to be busier as we build toward the festive period. Retail orders were reported as “ok”. Prices were largely unchanged on the week for all varieties.

  • Movement in the Scottish packing market was minimal this week. Trade of best, bold samples was good, although lower quality potatoes were reportedly harder to move.

  • Generally, the bag market has been described as quiet throughout November, as the seasonal lull in demand dampened the trade. However, as December approaches, the traditional rise in demand over festive period is expected to see an increased traded volume.

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