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Potato Weekly - 31 August 2018

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31 August 2018

This week trade remained steady in most sectors. The bag market caught its breath after the bank holiday and pack houses continued to utilise old crop with new crop prices changing little on the week. Meanwhile, the rainfall has caused increased reports of secondary growth to emerge, with the majority originating from unirrigated fields.

  • Trade in the English packing market was reportedly steady this week with demand and supply balanced. As a result prices for this week have been largely unchanged for whites. The price of Maris Piper has come back slightly and could be a reflection of increased availability of the variety in the free-buy market.
  • There has been an increase in free-buy new crop Scottish packing material this week. Although trade was still reported as slow. Old crop whites prices were little change on the week.
  • Trade in the bag market was reportedly becoming quiet after the bank holiday weekend, dropping off as the week progressed. Prices remained flat for the majority, with available supplies remaining limited. With demand returning to relatively subdued levels there is a feeling that increased supplies entering the market in coming weeks may pressure prices.

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