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Potato Weekly - 8 March 2019

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8 March 2019

Early planting continued at a much slower rate amidst high levels of rain in some areas. Export demand continued to rise for top quality supplies this week, with Belgium continuing to purchase frying material as local supply diminishes. In the packing market, increased availability of supplies lowered prices for certain varieties, though good quality samples continued to demand a high premium

  • Overall supply in the free-buy English packing market is reportedly on the up whilst demand continues to tick over, pressuring prices for some varieties. Additional supplies continue to flow down into England from Scotland, with Piper prices in particular falling as a result.
  • Free-buy demand was reportedly quiet this week, causing prices to ease in the Scottish packing market. Movement continues to be predominantly contracted supply, with reports of free-buy supplies being moved into England. Exports remain in demand for good quality packing supplies, particularly to the Netherlands.
  • Domestic bag trade saw a downturn this week. Demand slowed as more supplies entered the market. Trade continues to be normal in some regions. However, demand across the country is down year on year.

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