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Potato Weekly - Friday 01 December 2017

Publication Date: 
4 December 2017

GB 2017 Production up 15% to 6.04 Million tonnes

AHDB Potatoes’ first provisional estimate of total production in Great Britain for the 2017 crop is up 15% on the year at 6.04Mt, the highest level since 2011. The early 2017 area estimate of 120,897ha has been revised up to 122,779ha, now based on 98% of planting returns received, compared with 60% for the earlier estimate. The estimated average net yield for 2017 is 49.3t/ha

The finalised production figure for 2016 is now 5.24Mt, compared to the original estimate of 5.22Mt. This increase is based on a 0.5% revision of the area estimate for 2016 from 116,225ha to 116,827ha. The estimated average net yield for 2016 was 45t/ha.

  • Packing trade in England remained unchanged from last week for most, with free-buy tonnage remaining steady.
  • Scottish packing trade remained steady, although it has been a struggle for some to secure buyers. The national abundance of potatoes and limited storage is reportedly forcing supplies onto the market.

  • Many in the bag market are hoping for a festive boost.

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