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Potato Weekly - Friday 03 August 2018

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3 August 2018

Some welcome rain was received over the weekend but was not enough to add any significant bulk to most crops. Old crop packing trade continued on anticipation of a smaller new crop, whilst reported bag trade was almost exclusively for new crop supplies.

  • Demand for old crop English packing supplies continued last week, with pack houses reportedly committing to forward purchases through to the end of August to cover potential shortfalls in the new crop. This has resulted in a firming of some old crop packing prices, and limited trade for new crop potatoes aside from salad material.
  • Trade in the Scottish packing market was quiet once again this week. Odd loads of old crop trade were reported.
  • Trade remained subdued for most in the bag market this week. The chipping market is now almost exclusively new crop supplies with limited old crop ware movement being reported. While demand remains subdued for the most part, limited lifting activity and disappointing yields and tuber sizes where lifting has taken place has helped support prices.

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