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Potato Weekly - Friday 08 June 2018

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8 June 2018

The warm weather has reportedly caused a dip in demand for the packing and bag trades and there is still an ample amount of available supply weighing on the market. Crops across Great Britain are progressing well, with good conditions speeding up development. Equally however, a significant amount of crops are looking thirsty with precipitation or irrigation needed to continue this good progress.

  • There was minimal demand for free-buy supplies, in the English packing market, this week with the overwhelming majority of tonnage being moved under contract. Many purchasers are also looking to their own stored stocks to fulfil their requirements as we move towards the end of the season.
  • The recent warm weather has reportedly resulted in subdued demand for the most part with abundant stocks of packing whites continuing to weigh on the Scottish packing market. There were reports of good demand for imported new potatoes. However, should this continue then a pickup in salad demand may appear as new crop beings to be lifted.
  • Bag market trade was reportedly much quieter this week, particularly in the East. The warm weather reportedly limited demand and prices generally remained flat on the week.

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