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Potato Weekly - Friday 09 March 2018

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9 March 2018

Following the adverse weather across much of Great Britain, trade in England reportedly returned to normal. However, trade in some parts of Scotland remained restricted by last week’s weather.

  • Movement has recovered after the weather disruption last week. With plentiful available supplies in stores, buyers are able to pick and choose the best quality stocks on the market. The market for mids remains pressured, with some tightness in supply helping to support prices in line with Grade 1 whites.
  • Trade in Scotland was challenging this week with snow preventing some deliveries, particularly in the east. The market itself remains flat, although M Piper was reportedly moving well
  • In general, trade has picked up this week after the snow caused logistical issues for transport last week. The transport issues caused by the inclement weather have led to a business’s playing catch-up, to re-supply customers affected by the snow. Trade has therefore been busier for most. However, with the abundance of supplies in stores, prices have remained steady.

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