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Potato Weekly- Friday 15 June 2018

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15 June 2018

Warm weather continues to cause a reduction in orders for the packing market, leading to packers sourcing from contracts and own stored stocks for the most part. Crops continue to develop well in the warm weather but rain is needed, especially for earlier planted crops, at tuber initiation and bulking stages of development.

  • Minimal demand for free-buy supplies in the English packing market continues as packers look to contracted and previously purchased stocks to supply orders. Despite the limited demand for most varieties, some companies report difficulties in sourcing suitable quality King Edward stocks. 

  • The Scottish packing trade has seen very little free-buy movement this week with warm weather reportedly causing a reduction in orders. Subsequently contracted stocks and own stored stocks have been able to fulfil orders for the most part.

  • Bag market trade was reportedly quiet again this week. The warm weather reportedly limited demand from fish and chip shops, with prices largely unchanged.

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