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Potato Weekly- Friday 2 March 2018

Publication Date: 
7 March 2018

Adverse weather has caused disruption across much of GB this week. Some markets have reportedly benefitted from consumers staying put at home and relying on cooking for themselves, although others were suffering as demand for out of home eating decreased.

  • As “The Beast from The East” hit the UK this week there was significant disruption to movement, especially in the East. Much of the east coast has seen road closures and severe traffic issues caused by heavy snowfall delaying or preventing delivery of potatoes, both to the packer and onwards. However, due to the poor weather, many consumers have been avoiding venturing out to eat. Instead, they have reportedly stocked up in the supermarkets and so some orders have seen an uplift.

  • Trade remained steady in the Scottish packing market, although the severe weather was causing disruption to supply for many.

  • Trade was reported as steady early in the week, with a significant reduction midweek onwards as the weather changed. Movement of product was reported as difficult, with logistical issues being caused by the adverse weather conditions. Demand was also impacted, with cold weather thought to be impacting chip shop sales

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