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Potato Weekly - Friday 22 June 2018

Publication Date: 
22 June 2018

A large quantity of free-buy supplies continue to weigh on a market that appear to be mostly moving under contract. While there are reports that growers are beginning to empty stores, an ample supply of sufficient quality potatoes generally remains available. The warm weather and wind, in some regions, have dried soils, with even irrigated soils drying fast.

  • With the majority of packing supplies contracted, limited free-buy trade was reported in the English packing market this week. Prices remain generally flat as available supplies continue to outweigh demand.

  • Challenging conditions continue for the Scottish packing trade with supplies outstripping demand. Packing whites are reportedly a struggle to move with some resorting to use in AD or stock feed.

  • Prices remained generally steady in the bag market this week. However, reduced demand was reported due to a combination of warm weather and the Football World Cup limiting custom to fish and chip shops.

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