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Potato Weekly- Friday 23 February 2018

Publication Date: 
23 February 2018

Free-buy trade was once again reported as subdued during the week. Crops were on the whole storing well, although potential storage issues could see the quality price divide open wider.

  • Free-buy movement in the English packing market was described as “lacklustre” and “stalled” this week. The high volume of potatoes available in the market has resulted in prices either staying where they are or moving slightly lower.
  • Free-buy demand was once again slow in the Scottish packing market. There were reports of some English material moving into Scottish pack houses, while salad movement was mostly on contract.
  • Traded volume in the bag market saw little change on the week. However, there have been reports that premium quality frying material is becoming harder to source and traveling larger distances. The remainder of the storage season could begin to see a split bag market.

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