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Potato Weekly - Friday 24 August 2018

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24 August 2018

The free-buy market remained firm this week with little overall change. More mixed quality material continues to be lifted, with variable yields being seen across regions. 

  • Old crop supplies continue to be seen in the English packing market with quality remaining acceptable. Old crop supplies are expected to continue to be seen until the end of the month, further extending the length of the 2017 crop marketing year.
  • The old crop continues to represent the majority of Scottish packing free buy supplies reported this week.

  • Trade reports this week were varied in the bag market, with some coastal areas expecting a bank holiday trade rise. Trade away from coastal regions has however been reported as 'flat' or 'difficult'. As supplies continue to enter the market, reportedly customers expect the quality of potatoes to be exceptional to justify the price being commanded by sellers.

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