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Potato Weekly - Friday 26 May 2017

Publication Date: 
31 May 2017

The warm weather this week has helped crops across the whole country, although more rain is still desirable. As more stocks are coming onto the market, some prices, especially for packing whites are coming under pressure.

  • Demand for new crop supplies remains disappointing in the South

  • Demand for English free buy supplies, particularly whites, was slow this week as packers continued to focus on moving contracted or committed stocks. A combination of weakened demand and growers looking to clear stocks contributed to prices easing.

  • The Scottish packing market eased slightly this week as the hot weather in England caused a slow trade for all but salad or new crops. Packers continued to focus on committed supplies with few new free-buy sales taking place.

  • For some areas, movement picked up a little in the run up to this week’s bank holiday weekend. Eastern Counties supplies continue to make their way across the country, with some reports of increased supplies becoming available from this region as growers look to clear stocks in danger of losing condition.

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