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Potato Weekly- Friday 4 May 2018

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4 May 2018

Another week of generally poor planting conditions for most, although progress varies widely depending on local circumstances. Forecast warm, sunny weather should allow for good progress over the bank holiday weekend. For old crop, quality variations are reflected in widening price ranges for many.

  • Demand in the English packing market was steady this week. Prices have generally held over the course of the week for many with the recent wet weather not impacting old crop markets as some had expected it might.
  • Lacking demand and limited sellers led to a quiet packing market this week in Scotland. It was noted that the increased focus on planting was reducing some engagement from sellers.
  • Mixed reports again in the bag market this week. Some reported increased movement with buyers stocking up in the expectation that supplies will become tighter in the next week as growers focus on planting rather than bagging supplies. Others commented that trade was still slow, particularly considering the spring bank holiday weekend was generally expected to encourage movement.

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