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Preliminary results: Dormancy rankings now available for 70 % of varieties grown in 2018

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8 August 2019

Using growth regulators (pesticides) is not the only way that sprout control can be achieved in stores. Physiological characteristics such as dormancy, the period preceding sprouting, also form part of the sprout suppression toolbox. However, there is a lack of independent and practical information about dormancy performance on a varietal basis. AHDB’s Sutton Bridge Crop Storage Research team are set to address this lack of knowledge and are working closely with the SPot network to generate new and independent information on dormancy characteristics. Hear from SPot North host Will Gagg about the dormancy trials hosted on his site and what he is hoping to get out of the trials work.

The research project is looking to generate dormancy rankings for over 40 varieties relevant to growers and spanning the different end markets. The SPot North trial is being replicated at SPot West. Once harvested, potatoes will be sent to Sutton Bridge for storage (15 °C) and weekly assessments will be carried out over a period of six months. This will enable the team to identify a standardised methodology for assessing dormancy. The rankings will provide growers with an additional sprout suppression tool that will further enhance and facilitate integrated control of sprouting.

Preliminary results are now available from the AHDB dormancy trial and are shown below. Some results are inconsistent with Industry knowledge and further work is being carried out in the second year of this trial.

Variety dormancy rankings following storage at 15°C (SBCSR preliminary data, 2018/19).

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