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R257 Improving Crop Uniformity

Publication Date: 
23 August 2011
Author/Contact :
David Firman

Contractor :

Full Research Project Title: Improving Crop Uniformity
Duration: July 2004 - June 2007

Aim: To increase the proportion of the total yield within the most valuable size range for the fresh market and processing crops.

This project built on the outputs from a previous AHDB Potatoes funded project which showed that differences in seed age can affect stem populations and tuber size distributions.  This involved studies of the three most important factors that create a lack of uniformity to:

  • provide a greater understanding of seed physiology and its impact on the number of stems produced per seed tuber
  • provide information on the minimisation of the impact of fungal diseases, especially Rhizoctonia solani on stem and crop growth
  • ensure that potential total yields are achieved by more efficient use of nutrients and water.

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