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R288 CIPC Vapour to Control Sprouting

Publication Date: 
23 August 2011
Author/Contact :
Adrian Briddon

Contractor :
University of Glasgow & SBCSR

Full Research Project Title: The use of CIPC vapour to control sprouting in commercial potato stores
Duration: February 2007 - June 2009

Aim: To develop a range of CIPC vapour sources and to assess their efficacy in small scale trials.

Previous AHDB Potatoes funded projects have investigated the potential for using CIPC vapour for sprout control. The results indicate that effective sprout control is possible and that residues tend to be lower and more evenly distributed than residues from conventional CIPC fog application. Further work was required to identify the most effective CIPC source materials for the release of vapour. Studies of the redistribution of CIPC vapour and the movement of vapour through stores were also carried out. The experimental work carried out demonstrates that there is scope for the treatment of stored potatoes using CIPC in the vapour phase alone.

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