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R408 Herbicide Evaluations

Publication Date: 
18 August 2011
Author/Contact :
John Keer

Contractor :
AgroChemex Ltd.

Full Research Project Title: Weed control in potatoes - coping without paraquat.
Duration: April 2008 - February 2010

Aim: To evaluate contact herbicides other than paraquat which have been recommended for potatoes but which have not been widely used eg., diquat, glufosinate-ammonium and carfentrazone-ethyl.

The recent revocation of paraquat has necessitated a major re-think on weed control in potatoes. 

The work will evaluate the use of these herbicides pre-emergence and at various post-emergence growth stages of the crop. Evaluation will focus on crop safety, as assessed by foliage symptoms and tuber grade and yield, and efficacy of weed control. The control of grassweeds will be targeted in the trials.

In addition, aspects of how reduced rates of Linuron will impact on weed control programmes were studied in light of the changes in application rates from the 2009 growing season.

This work has highlighted the need for more complex mixtures of herbicides necessary to provide adequate contact / residual activity and maintain broad-spectrum weed control. The work gives guidance on the most effective mixtures for various weed species. For further details of this project, please see the final report below.

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