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R432 PCN Calculator: Generation of new variety tolerance information

Publication Date: 
10 December 2014
Author/Contact :
John Keer

Contractor :
Richard Austin Agriculture Ltd

Full Research Project Title: PCN calculator- provision of tolerance data in field situations
Duration: May 2010 - June 2013

Aim: To provide information on the tolerance of potato varieties to Globodera pallida under field conditions.

Industry Challenge

The damage caused by potato cyst nematodes (PCN) Globodera rostochiensis and G. pallida can range from slight yield loss up to crop failure depending on infestation level. In the UK there has been a shift in prevalence from G. rostochiensis to G. pallida, attributed to the growing of potato cultivars resistant to the former.

AHDB Potatoes previously supported the development of a PCN model which has been used as an educational tool to promote an understanding of how factors such as varietal resistance, tolerance levels, and other management options influence G. pallida population levels and predicted potato yields. The tool (“PCN Calculator”) is available via the online toolbox tab.


Richard Austin Agriculture


This project builds on the work in project R264. The aim of the work was to provide information to update the PCN calculator with tolerance ratings for newer varieties. A field trial was conducted in a different location in each of three years (2010-2012). The results have shown that the performance of the varieties varied between the trials. This is in part attributed to the different environmental conditions between the three years’ trials. Because of the variation the data from the trials has not been used to assign varieties into different tolerance classes. AHDB Potatoes will be commissioning a new programme of work to generate additional data on variety tolerance. The final report of the three years’ trials is provided below for further information.

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