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R435 Volunteer and Weed Control (LINK)

Publication Date: 
23 August 2011
Author/Contact :
Paul Miller

Contractor :
Silsoe Spray Applications

Full Research Project Title: Reducing herbicide use in row crops with targeted application methods treating detected weeds in small patches or spots
Duration: April 2010 - December 2012

Aim: To develop and demonstrate weed detection methods and novel spray application technologies.

Industry Challenge

The problem is to develop cost effective techniques for applying an effective dose of herbicide directly to detected weeds with minimal off target contamination and associated crop contamination and loss.  Without new technologies, weed control costs are expected to rise substantially due to fewer herbicides being available, increased use of hand labour, reduced crop quality/marketable yield, and an increase in crop area abandoned due to weed infestation.


Alastair Findlay, Allium and Brassica Centre, BBRO, F B Parrish and Sons (Potato and Onion growers), Garford Farm Machinery, HDC, Hypro EU Ltd, Monsanto, Robydome Electronics and Silsoe Spray Applications


The project will investigate the delivery of herbicides with high spatial precision suitable for targeted applications, to control a wide range of weed species in a range of row crops using spray characteristics appropriate to the effective use of new and existing formulations.  The work will also aim to achieve high levels of weed control with the minimum risk of crop damage and residues, and a reduction in environmental impact though decreased herbicide use.


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