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R443 Review: Potash Offtake and Crop Requirement

Publication Date: 
14 December 2011
Author/Contact :
Peter Dampney

Contractor :

Full Review Title: Potash offtake and crop requirement
Duration: January 2011 - June 2011

Aim: To provide a robust basis for advice to the industry and future research requirements on the use of potash for potatoes grown for different markets (e.g. fresh, processed), under different growing conditions (e.g. field environment, placement, magnesium antagonists) and using different sources of potash (e.g. potassium chloride, potassium sulphate, livestock manures/composts).

Industry Challenge

Potatoes have a high requirement for potash mainly due to the need to replace the large quantities of potash removed in tubers, but also because of the importance of potassium for yield and some aspects of tuber quality (e.g. high potash can reduce bruising and dry matter content). Potash use is of increasing concern to growers due to the rapidly rising costs of potash fertiliser and the need to produce high yields of high tuber quality on a reliable basis for a chosen market.




This project will involve a review process including a literature search and contact with key experts in the industry. In addition, it will provide a statement of best current information and advice that can be used with confidence by growers and as the basis for future potash recommendations, pending future possible ‘gap filling’ research.


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