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R447 Independent Variety Trials

Publication Date: 
15 August 2019
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Aim: To provide robust disease resistance ratings for new and, where appropriate, existing varieties for public dissemination.

Industry Challenge

In order to comply with both national and European Community legislation for the marketing of seed potatoes, all potato varieties must be placed on the official National List (NL) of a Member State. When this is achieved, the variety is automatically entered on to the Common Catalogue. Part of the National List (NL) testing of a potato variety involves the assessment of ‘value for cultivation and use’. In the UK, this testing is mostly concentrated on evaluating varietal performance for susceptibility to diseases, pests and some tuber quality characteristics considered to be of most importance in UK potato production. In addition, Common Catalogue varieties which are being developed for GB production also require independent testing.


SASA, BioSS, James Hutton Institute (JHI), SAC


This project is a continuation of an IVT programme which was revised in 2005 to focus on blemish diseases. Tests for Potato Mop Top Virus (PMTV) spraing have been offered since 2011.
a) Test for varietal resistance to foliar late blight
b) Test for varietal resistance to skin spot
c) Test for varietal resistance to silver scurf
d) Test for varietal resistance to black dot
e) Test for varietal resistance to spraing caused by Potato mop-top virus

f) Publish data from NL and IVT trials when finalised for access by industry, including publication on the AHDB Potatoes British Variety Database.

Reports for the IVT Programme 2008-2010 are available via project R407


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