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R460 Combating Resistance to Aphicides in UK Aphid Pests

Publication Date: 
19 February 2018
Author/Contact :
Stephen Foster

Contractor :
Rothamsted Research

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Full Research Project Title: Combating Resistance to Aphicides in UK Aphid Pests
Duration: April 2012 - March 2018

Aim: To monitor the response of field-collected live samples of Myzus persicae (and other pests) to a range of insecticides and also monitor for established forms of resistance.

Industry Challenge

The need for this work is heightened by the occurrence of control failures with neonicotinoids against Myzus persicae in southern Europe. The presence of neonicotionoid resistant aphids in the UK would have serious implications for aphid  and virus managment in potatoes. It would, in turn, accentuate the risk of the evolution of resistance to non-neonicotinoid compounds such as pymetrozine and flonicamid. Annual losses to the GB potato industry from aphids and the viruses they transmit have been estimated as £12M, half of which is in the seed crop. Since 2017, the remit of the project has extended to include other insect pests.

In 2017, 65 field and 3 protected crop peach-potato aphid (M. persicae) samples from a good geographical range of sites in England and Scotland were screened. The screening bioassays, applying diagnostic doses to live aphids, continued to show no resistance to neonicotinoids, pymetrozine or flonicamid.

In contrast, continued strong resistance to pyrethroids was seen in most of the samples.

This was backed up by DNA tests showing that M. persicae carrying MACE resistance (to pirimicarb) and the new form (north European: ne) of super-kdr (conferring resistance to pyrethroids), with both mechanisms in the heterozygous form, continue to be common and widespread in the UK.

Information on the full range of pests tested is provided below in the Resistance Monitoring 2017 report



Final reports for related projects investigating insecticide resistance in aphids are also provided below.

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