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Research and Innovation Strategy

Publication Date: 
7 April 2015

Research And Development Strategy 2015-2020

The GB potato industry will continue to need to produce crops efficiently and economically. The strategy will ensure that production is driven by customer needs and innovation with the aim of building the GB share of the domestic market in seed, meeting consumer requirements for affordable and convenient, fresh and processed potatoes and exploiting export markets with a range of potato products and technologies.

The R&I strategy complements both the AHDB Potatoes Corporate Plan, which drives its overall activities and so, influences the scope and direction of the research that is being supported for the benefit of the potato industry in Great Britain. The Corporate Plan also provides the focus for the Council’s central research theme and, more specifically, the individual R&I objectives.

Research and Innovation Strategy 2015-2020

The previous research and development strategy can be found below:

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