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Sprout Suppression Series: Orange Oil

Publication Date: 
25 October 2019

This is the last in our series of sprout suppressants featured in recent bulletins. Orange oil has EU Annex 1 listing and is currently undergoing registration in Europe. Naturally found in orange peel, it contains the active limonene, which reduces sprouting by burning back active sprouts. Similar to spearmint oil, it is usually applied as a hot fog and stores must remain sealed for 24 hours after application.

A Belgian project investigating alternative sprout suppressant for the processing and fresh market has provided some of the latest insights into orange oil efficacy on European varieties. Efficacy trials have shown that orange oil initially provided similar sprout control to spearmint oil but that subsequent treatment applications became less effective over time. Fry colour was also tested and no negative effects were observed.

UK approval is anticipated soon.

You can read a presentation of the results of the Belgian efficacy trial made at the EAPR Post-Harvest Meeting earlier this year.

P.S. Watch out for our new infographics about alternative sprout suppressants (like this one for orange oil) which will feature in our outputs over the coming weeks.

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