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Storage Bulletin - July 2015

Publication Date: 
17 September 2015

StoreCheck+: an enhanced audit service for your stores

Following the successful launch of our StoreCheck audit service last year, when audits were conducted on over 40 stores around the country, we were able to help their owners to review, refine and develop the stores to improve returns. StoreCheck+ carries out a range of assessments on your store to look at factors which directly affect its performance and efficiency.

The audit identifies any deficiencies and their relative impact and our specialists’ report will suggest ways to improve the store, to whatever extent is necessary. After issue of the report, our enhanced service for AHDB levy payers now includes a consultation1 with an expert to talk through the implications of your assessment.

Why do I need it?   

Levy-funded research has highlighted a huge range of efficiencies across stores in everyday use. Running costs per tonne per day are up to 3 times higher in some stores compared with the best. 

How much does StoreCheck+ cost?

For a store of 1000 tonnes or more, StoreCheck+ costs around  55p/tonne  - or less. Multiple stores at the same postcode attract a discount.

The graph shows how that stacks up against a season’s typical running costs (for 6-8 months’ storage).

How do I know how my store compares?

Our data for air leakage from 2014 (below) shows about 25% of stores met the target for a new, refrigerated store and a further 45% were within the best practice threshold for existing stores.

But around 30% of stores were outside acceptable limits; this means that those stores are leaking to an extent where they could be costing as much as 50% more to run. Furthermore, if CIPC is being used, they are liable to lose a significant proportion of sprout suppressant to the environment, wasting chemical, reducing effectiveness and making them non-CIPC compliant. Your report will show how your store compares with others we have tested.

What do I receive?

A StoreCheck+ report is generated for each store tested and provides guidance on how the store can be improved. In addition, AHDB levy-payers receive a consultation1 with a specialist to work through the report’s findings and discuss next steps.

When can I have StoreCheck+? 

When the store is empty, from now to harvest.

How do I book? 

Call 01406 359414 or 359419 with your store’s approximate dimensions and tonnage information to arrange aStoreCheck+ assessment. 
For more information, go to

1Consultation may be by telephone. StoreCheck+ is a service provided by Sutton Bridge CSR and Farm Energy for AHDB Potatoes. StoreCheck+ leakage tests cannot currently be carried out on stores without a personnel door. All checks are subject to availability and provision of suitable and safe access to stores in the sole opinion of the StoreCheck+ assessor. SBCSR is owned and operated by AHDB Potatoes, a division of Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board. Farm Energy is a trading name of FEC Services Ltd., Stoneleigh Park, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, CV8 2LS.  

DMN not granted approval in UK

DormFresh, the agrochemical company seeking approval for 1,4-dimethylnaphthalene (DMN) as a new sprout suppressant for potato storage, has announced that it has been denied registration in the UK due to data gaps. Unfortunately, there is no immediate indication as to when these might be addressed.

The full statement is posted on their website at

Wanted: help at SBCSR for an exciting new project!

Sutton Bridge Crop Storage Research has recently won significant funding from Innovate UK, as part of an eight-member cross-industry consortium, to work on the development of a computer-based modelling tool to enhance store airflow and fogged sprout suppressant use. We are looking for a graduate, ideally with training in agricultural and/or software engineering, to join our team for two years to help us deliver this project. If you are interested or know someone who might like to work at the forefront of storage R&D, please take a look at or call Adrian Cunnington on 01406 351444.


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12/13 November 2015 BP2015 Exhibition & Industry Dinner 
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Harrogate International Centre,Yorks.

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