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Storage Bulletin - November 2013

Publication Date: 
4 November 2013

Wet crops going into store

The recent heavy rain means that there is now a very real risk of wet crop going into store and it is therefore imperative that this is dried as a matter of urgency if it is intended to keep the potatoes for any length of time.

Reports have been received that skin set remains poor on some late-maturing stocks and this will expose that material to the very real risk of disease, compounding any effects of localised waterlogging from the field. Blackleg is also reported to be a problem in some susceptible varieties which, in the wet conditions, can lead to a heightened risk of breakdown in store.

Use the maximum air volume and forced (as opposed to space) ventilation if available. However, do not blow cool, dried potatoes with warmer outside air as this may result in re-wetting due to condensation. Crops with anything more than 1% soft rot should not be considered for storage.

BP2013: Harrogate, 27/28 November

Sutton Bridge and AHDB Potatoes will have some exciting new initiatives launching at the forthcoming BP2013 event so please make sure you come to see us. Our stand areas will also feature on the Knowledge Trail from which you can collect BASIS points and you can also pick up a free ‘Be CIPC Compliant’ store diary from the CIPC Stewardship stand next door!

Come along to one of the seminars on the AHDB Potatoes stand, where Mike Storey and Adrian Cunnington will present on the Industry’s proactive approach to CIPC stewardship over the last 5 years and the next steps following the Advisory Committee on Pesticides’ (ACP) Review of CIPC use. If you are a user of CIPC and would like to request a copy of the store diary, please email

Be CIPC Compliant!

The new label recommendations for CIPC use in 2013/14 will have provided significant challenges in some quarters of the industry especially as some crops have been prone to early dormancy break this season. However, it is critical that they are adopted, given the severity of the situation with MRL exceedance; the whole industry must pull together to work within the label or, quite simply, the compound will be lost to us all.

Following the recent review by the ACP calling for further data submission, approval holders and stewardship representatives are meeting with CRD in York to agree a way forward. CIPC remains very much under the spotlight so we must be able to demonstrate adherence to best practice. This means:

  • Completion of a Stewardship/Red Tractor Store Checklist prior to application
  • Sign-off of the recommendation to use CIPC by a BASIS-qualified advisor
  • Early application of CIPC, as soon as the crop is dry
  • Recirculation of CIPC during and after application using slow-speed fans where available (fitting an inverter to your store can achieve this; seek specialist advice from your supplier)
  • Use of an NAAC-affiliated CIPC application contractor
  • One application only to cold stores (stores held at 5°C or below), ideally applied before temperatures are reduced below 7°C

Full information is available at and additional specialist advice can be sought from SBCSR on our free phone advice line 0800 02 82 111.


2014 Events

Here are some other important events we are planning for next year:

9 January  Winter Forum (East), Sutton Bridge Crop Storage Research, Lincolnshire.

23 January  Winter Forum (West), Harper Adams University, Newport, Shropshire .

22/23 January  Agri-Food Training Programme: Advanced Storage course, Sutton Bridge CSR, Lincs.
ATP bursaries available to eligible trainees - see the following link

 4 February  South West Potato Day, Frogmary Green Farm, South Petherton, Somerset.

13 February  Storage 2020 conference, Peterborough Arena, East of England Showground, Peterborough, Cambs.

20 February  Hereford Potato Day, Royal National College for the Blind, Hereford.

27 February  Storage Workshop, Finavon Hotel, Forfar, Angus.

5/6 March  SBCSR Store Managers’ Course, Wychwood Park Hotel, Cheshire (M6 junction 16)

2/3 July  East Midlands Potato Day and Sutton Bridge Storage Day, Lincs. Further information and, where applicable, booking details will be posted on our website at very soon. 

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